Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

We went bowling as a family for Valentine's Day and then we went out to dinner. We had so much fun bowling and Mommy won:)

My little man, gotta love him!
Wating for his ball to make it to the pins, it went soooo slow! But he actually knocked a lot of pins down!

My two favorite guys!

7 Months Pregnant

I have been bad about not posting pictures of my growing belly, so here you go! I am 30 weeks pregnant in the picture and feeling pretty good. I'm not getting to work out right now due to bedrest, but other than that I feel great.

Here I am 30 weeks, I know I don't look that big, but I am 30 weeks!
Keith giving Piper a hug! He is going to be such a great Big Brother!

Keith's First Day of School

As soon as we moved to Bainbridge Keith started "school". He goes to a Mother's Morning Out program 2 days a week from 9-12. They have a preschool program they follow, so we just call it school. Keith LOVES going to it, when I come to pick him up he even cries!!

He was so proud of himself, he put his backpack on by himself!!( notice the left arm!)

Keith Climbing His First Tree

Here are some pictures of Keith climbing his first tree at LaLa's house. The new rule is that he can only climb when Daddy is out there instead of LaLa. He got up so high in the tree that LaLa had a time trying to get him out safely!!

Isn't he cute!

Update Blog

I know I have been gone from the blog for a while, so I'm going to give everyone a big update. About 3 weeks ago I had pre-term labor at 27 weeks pregnant. I was told to stop working and was put on modified bedrest. We have now moved back to my parent's house and Jerry is working with his Uncle's at the family business. Keith is in school now two days a week from 9-12, it is actually a Mother's Morning Out but Keith calls it "school". He went to school today and cried when I picked him up because he wanted to play more:) I am staying home for the most part hating my "modified bedrest", at least it isn't strict bedrest!! I'm behaving myself and things are going much better. It seems since I have stopped working that things have really calmed down with my contractios. The OB Dr is keeping me on the bedrest until I'm 34 weeks and that is only 3 1/2 weeks away! We are adjusting to living with my parents and very grateful that they are able to help us out. Jerry is waiting for his Phase II invite to come from the FBI and we are hoping it will come in the next month. Other than that we are enjoying life and we are excited about the arrival of our little girl in 2 months!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Decorating our Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas Tree a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun decorating it together as a family. This is really the first year that Keith has known what is going on. If you ask him about Christmas, he will tell you that it is Jesus Happy Day (birthday). We told him that because Jesus loves us so much that he gives us gifts on his Happy Day. We are planning on giving Jesus his gift at church and then we will have a birthday cake for him on his birthday. Sometimes, all you need to do is bring things done to a simple 2 year olds mind to help you remember the real reason for Christmas!

Breakfast with Santa

LaLa took Keith and Grant to "Breakfast with Santa", it wasn't really Breakfast since it was at 1:30. It was at the Library in Bainbridge and the kids came and ate snacks and then got to see Santa!

Not a bad picture at all!

Waiting for Santa to come in!

Keith with Grandma and Grandpa

Grant sat on Santa's lap, but Keith sat......

Way over there! He wouldn't get close to him AT ALL!! He sat on Santa's lap at Wild Adventures but not on this day!